Are you tired or do you just not want it?

I’ve spent the last year getting up at 0400 to read before work, even on weekends. Every book in these two pics (approx. 50), I’ve read or re-read in the past 13 months. What are they about? Economics, finance, accounting, psychology, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership. You can make time.

If you click the picture, it’ll take you to the corner bookshelf on Amazon. As you can tell, I ran out of shelf space. I prefer physical books. With e-books, I print those out.

For me, it’s a 15-min commute (30 min round-trip) to work. I make that trip at least twice per workday. Instead of listening to music, try listening to something educational or motivational, at 1.5 or 2.0 playback speed. After just a year, that’s hundreds of hours of self-improvement.

While everyone else is stuck in the grind, you could be liberating yourself one book, one speech, one idea at a time.


Brian M. Delrosario