Immune to pain?

Recommendation, for that commute today, 57 min 39 sec. David Goggins ā€“ U.S. Navy Seal, U.S. Army Ranger School graduate, and U.S. Air Force TACP (spec. ops.).

Grew up in an abusive household. One of only a few Black kids in a small Indiana town, about 20 min from a KKK headquarters. Bullied relentlessly throughout school, scraping by with a 1.6 GPA, he says, “I got called nā€” every day.”

Suffered obesity, severe allergies, a sickle cell trait, and a congenital heart disease that left him with a hole in his heart the size of a poker chip. Grew up feeling soft and weak and with no self-esteem…

If a story like this doesn’t make you want to look in the mirror and say, “[Self], I don’t want to hear your sā€” today,” well… play it again.


Brian M. Delrosario