The platform or the product?

Jeff Bezos

How to empower others – build the platform, the system, the infrastructure for others to succeed… Try being the catalyst, vs. the champion.

What Gutenberg is to the printing press, Henry Ford to the assembly line, Jeff Bezos is to new entrepreneurs. Samuel Brannan made his millions during the Gold Rush through… selling the shovels!

FBA, MWS, KDP… awesome platforms. Amazon, of course, takes its cut.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of, recently surpassed Bill Gates for the title of richest man in the world.

Have you thought about writing a book? I’ve been writing. I recommend everyone do so, in large part because of who you become in the process. Your story develops your state, which gives the context to your strategy.

If you have MS Word on your computer (or can easily get it), check out for a plug-in to download, for MS Word.

In minutes (right now), you can start typing your book, preview what it’ll look like on Amazon Kindle (or in print!), and publish it for sale to for people to either download or order a hard copy. Amazon will hit the print button for you.


Brian M. Delrosario