One-Page Accomplish Anything Plan

I call it, the OPAAP. Short for the One-Page Accomplish Anything Plan. I shamelessly borrowed the idea from a book with a similar title, by Allan Dib, The 1-Page Marketing Plan (2016).

Great book, by the way. Easy-read. Insightful. And as he says, although nothing new in content, a breakthrough in implementation.

Soon as I figure out how to post the Excel file to Wix (my current web host), I’ll present that here on the blog, in a future article. Feel free to copy the general idea. No need to get fancy. Pencil and paper will do just fine.

In my fitness e-book, chapters 2 and 4, I mention a chart one may create to record progress. The book needs an illustration. Something you as the reader may easily walk away with and implement immediately.

Above is that illustration. The bold-and-blue represents the minimum needed for the chart. I chose push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run, but you may easily replace that with whatever exercises you want. The green represents some nice-to-haves.

One can easily recreate this with just pencil and paper. I chose the above exercises given my current job. Those are our three Army Physical Fitness Test (PFT) events.

The scoring makes it fun. Like a video game. It doesn’t seem to take much nudging to get someone to play a game. Enjoy. Hope this helps.

Again, I’ll post the Excel file soon. The formulas that do the automatic calculating did get pretty advanced – embedded functions, IF, VLOOKUP, TIMEVALUE, TEXT… Yes, I promise to make it super easy for you. Soon.

Happy New Year,

Brian M. Delrosario