I'm just going to write something

Anything. I started this blog a year ago, then, like countless other bloggers, quit soon after.

I found this app named Habits. It has room a feature to remind me daily at a specified time of a particular habit I’d like to adopt.

A couple months ago, I installed it into my phone. Then, because of my perfectionism (i.e., procrastination), I never ended up using it. I couldn’t decide on exactly what time to have it tell me do the things I want.

Now, instead of specifying a time, I simply entered three habits without a time, but with the intent to perform them daily: write, read, exercise.

I don’t feel like I have a lot of skills I may confidently say that I do well, but on writing, I feel like that’s my calling. It’s the one thing that I largely to get paid to do.

As of this writing, I still serve on active duty. I’m a U.S. Army staff officer, a captain (O-3E). I have about three years until I retire.

I don’t want any awards. I don’t want any special schools. I don’t want any particular duty station. I don’t want company command. I don’t even want to promote. I do my job. I help others do their job.

There’s nothing wrong with this job. It’s just not the ladder I want to climb anymore.

I’ve decided earlier this year not to wear my one combat patch or my air assault badge. The resume on my uniform represents a dick measuring contest I’m happy to lose.

Anyway, I aim to simply do my job and go home to do something more valuable to me. Do I have a side hustle? No, not this blog.

I’m a part-time non-technical app developer. I’m actually in the middle of my first app, which I call iBankify. Will it flop? Yeah, probably. I’ve labeled the Google Drive folder, where I keep all my app files, Sincerify.

It represents to me the solution to the insincerity with which I’ve grown accustomed to at my day job. I’m proud to serve, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that there’s a world of difference between having to work versus wanting to.