Man… fuck these toll roads

On the I-77 southbound. We passed a $0.40 toll booth about 30 min back, in West Virginia, I think.

Forty. Cents. Dude, that’s a fucking intentional math puzzle in itself. My wife and I had two quarters. I bet most people do.

Now, before I go on my rant, know that I’m a hardcore capitalist. Privatize? Deregulate? Strengthen private property rights? All for it.

But this shit… Earlier this year, at the same toll stop, I didn’t have any change. There was no way to turn around. There was no other means of payment, except of course getting a fucking $40 bill in the mail.

And that’s after I pulled off into the admin building nearby and some asshole waved me off saying it was okay. Fucking. Thief. I was willing to pay! He fucking lied to me.

I’m not sure now if it was a private toll or public toll (although I realize toll booths are usually private). Anyway, fuck that guy. Fuck these toll roads.

This particular toll is not reasonably foreseeable to drivers. The driver receives no option along the way among toll road or non-toll road driving options. It aims to catch drivers unaware.

Once there, the toll site does not reasonably accommodate the manner in which drivers prefer to pay. One quarter, one dime, and one nickel? What. The. Fuck.

Why not just makes it $0.47 for all those pennies so commonly carried in our pockets?

Note to self. Crowd funding. Class action suit. Injured parties, all drivers… Who’s with me?