Everyone is X

I’ve noticed that when one feels strongly about something, he feels a need to communicate it to the world and makes it relatable by asserting that “Everyone is X” such that X represents the thing he feels so passionately about.

Random examples…

Philosophy. Everyone is a philosopher. Have you ever asked a question? Have you ever asked a question wondering how the world works or why it works that way? Have you ever asked questions about questions? You’re a philosopher.

Economics. Everyone is an economist. Economics is the science of decision-making. Do you make decisions? Do you want to make better decisions? You’re an economist.

Pick-up artist. Everyone is a pick-up artist. I remember watching this newschannel-type show years ago interviewing these pick-up artists in my hometown of Los Angeles. The interviewer had a slightly negative attitude towards the interviewees. But then I ask, don’t we all biologically aim to survive and reproduce? Our parents and our parent’s parents and so on, they all managed to survive and reproduce, right? Have you ever wanted to do better at either starting relationships or keeping them? You’re a pick-up artist. Or a scientist, if you’re testing approaches, measuring, recording successes and failures like these guys.

Suicide. Everyone is suicidal. Have you ever cared about someone or something so much, that you’d give your life to it? If not, then you haven’t really lived yet. If you have, then you’re a just a little bit suicidal.

Gay. Okay… Comedian Ron White asks, paraphrased, “Have you ever watched a porno with a hot chick and just wanted to see a giant, throbbing cock, all up in… You’re a little bit gay.” Gay enough to wish you were that guy, right! Ha! (When I discovered Pandora had stand-up comedy channels, I didn’t mind long drives as much. Recommend.)

Sexism. Would you let persons of the same gender into your bed? No? Yes? Well then what about every other gender identity? You’d say yes to everyone? Sexist.

Racism. Do you have any sexual preferences? Are there boxes you don’t check when searching online dating profiles? Does the ratio of diversity among your friends mirror that of your community as a whole? Racist.

I intend this mostly as humor. I’m sure if I think of it, I could come up with more.

Anyway, when you really care about a topic, you want to share it. You want to do more than share it, you want others to care enough to share it on their own. That starts with making it relatable.

Everyone is X. You’re part of everyone. Therefore, you’re also X.

At the least, it gets the other person talking by asserting, “No, I’m not!”

I’ve been experimenting with getting others to say “No” instead of “Yes” when influencing others. Author Chris Voss makes a great point. It works better.