Two types of laziness

Man… I heard this saying that just resonated with me. I don’t know who said it. (Of course, there are many types of anything depending on how one defines type.)

I’m pretty sure it came in as I zoned out while working out, but as I’m playing back my YouTube history on 2x speed, I’m not finding it.

It clicked with me.

There’s the laziness in which one avoids busy, looking to burn as few calories as possible, looking to dodge his obligations to everyone around him, to his bill collectors, to his kids, his pets, his home, his job, his school, his community.

And then there’s the laziness in which one uses being busy to avoid doing the hard work that he knows he must do, the work that brings his goals out from someday to by this date.

I use my mornings to do physical exercise, to write, and to perform other mental exercises. I may get around to doing market research and reading, but usually that’s later in the day. Those are my daily five habits.

Then life happens. Then my day job. My day job.

By the time I get back home. I owe time to wife, whom I love without question, time to my kids, and finally the work that I’ve been avoiding by being busy.

I’ve been lying to myself saying that the little bit of work I do still counts as something. It doesn’t.

I feel tired by then. It’s mental work. I’m in a fog. If I use caffeine, I’ll disrupt my sleep and degrade the following day.

What should I do?

Maybe some light exercise. I’ll give that a try. Move my body accordingly. Visualize what I need to do.