My day job goes into nights and weekends

I’m sure this is probably everyone else’s struggle as well. My day job takes a lot out of me.

It’s hard getting up sometimes. And what I find even more upsetting is the amount of nothing that I do while I’m at work; at least, nothing that fulfills me.

I got to be at work just a little past midnight tonight. Tomorrow morning will probably stretch through lunchtime.

There goes this saying that if you have to eat a shit sandwich, it’s best to eat it quickly. That’s how I feel at work. Do no more, spend no more time, than necessary. Then get gone.

Maybe I should do what Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “Sleep faster.” I’ve heard him say that one can get by successfully with just six hours of sleep per night.

I was chatting with the chaplain the other day. Like everyone else, he shared with me his daily struggle of all these goals, hobbies, skills he’d like to adopt. The difficulty is when. When?

Right now, I have this quote in front of me from Tony Robbins, “You can’t have a plan for your day, until you have a plan for your life.”

I know what to do… I just need to do what I know. It’s a daily battle. Hourly. Sometimes minute by minute. To improve. To grow. To contribute. To succeed.