I'm going to exercise my neck and back pain away

Can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. For years, over a decade at least, I’ve had this discomfort in my neck and back; likely from poor posture and countless hours sitting. It hit a threshold last night while watching TV with my wife.

So this morning I searched Google for “back and neck exercises for pain.” I found a few that I could do in my cubicle at work. I found one called a back bridge that I started today with my morning exercise. I have a yoga mat, a pillow, and a timer on my phone. I started with 2 min for today.

The pose looks like that gymnastics move called a back handspring, what most people might also call a backflip. Facing toward the sky, feet touching the ground, mid-torso in the air, and then the head touching the ground as the other point of contact – some variations have it as the hands or the shoulders. I like the one with my head rested on the pillow, eyes looking at the wall behind me. It’s the medium difficulty one.

I’ll try this for 2 min/day for the next 30 days. I’ll let you know how I feel by the end.