There exist doodads at retailers like Walmart that transform do-it-yourself (DIY) to I’ll-do-it-for-you (IDIFY or IWDIFY) at a price much more than it would’ve cost me to DIY; at least, in terms of money. But there are those out there who value convenience over money.

Another source of inspiration and creativity for me as I walk down the Walmart aisles and watch what people buy.

In the electronics section, I’ve seen this plastic device that hangs around a cell phone charger plug, to cradle the phone off the ground as it charges near the wall socket.

Before that hit the market, I’d transform the excess cable length into a hammock-like-thing for my phone, like a Soldier in the field with 550 cord.

When I saw that someone had commercialized the same solution, I thought, “Wow. How many times have I solved something DIY just to soon see someone else commercialize it into IDIFY?”


I’m still developing my present app concept. It’s taking much longer than I anticipated, given the nature the app. It’s a financial app that requires APIs to view financial info, much like Credit Karma or Mint.

This morning, I conceived of a physical product that I’d like to take to market. Since I didn’t conceive of it the way I initially intended (research first what’s already winning, then develop), I’m going to have to research it next.

I prefer digital products more. Still, this one’s easy. I’m not sharing it publicly yet. I need to do my research.

I do want to share my plan. Maybe someone reading this has an even better way to get a physical product from conception to market.


(1) Use Google Slides to sketch a product design or just make it.

(2) Post a job on to research demand and prices.

(3) Post a job on for the packaging design.

(4) Find a product developer on

(5) Order an initial quantity of about 100, maybe less.

(6) Create a listing on

(7) Ship to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

(8) Observe the market.


Will anyone want it? Will anyone even learn of it existing? Don’t know yet. My concept is pretty cheap to make, per unit. It currently doesn’t exist on the market (although, the reason may be that no one wants it). Guess I’ll find out!