Making kids clean up after each other vs. themselves

Resentment. Ah… the joy in watching them resent each other, in watching their resentment over having to clean up after someone else. I clean up their shit every day. You hear me complaining?

I clean up other people’s shit every fucking day. That’s my job. My shit-cleaning has recently been spilling over into my weekends.

They seem just a little more accepting when they know it’s their own mess and I catch them. Like adults, they know the right thing to do, yet choose wrong in hopes of not getting caught.

But in cleaning up after someone else? In paying the cost for someone else?

“But, Dad!!! I didn’t do that!!!”

And I say, “I didn’t ask. I’m telling you to clean it up or else [I deny something I know they’re addicted to, like their screens, whether TV or a tablet]. Your choice. You’ll survive without [whatever addiction of theirs I’m denying].”

The look of injustice on their faces. Priceless.

Hearing them whine and complain, huff and puff as they comply anyway. Satisfying.

One of the best ways to trigger high stress and resentment in them is to find something wrong, then say, “One of you better clean this up. You have 10 seconds to decide or I’m [punishing all of you]. 10. 9. 8. 7…”

Just hang back and watch them fight each other.

The best.