Hitting a financial wall

I suppose it’s a simple math problem: cost vs. benefit, risk vs. reward, and in comparison to my next-best option(s). But right now, it feels like a wall.

I’m coming close to finishing a financial app project, which I call iBankify.com. Right now, the website itself iBankify.com simply forwards to this blog.

Then the app project completes, it’ll forward to the Google Play URL. And from there, depending on demand, I plan to use ClickFunnels.com.

Well, to finish, the project, we need a financial API provider, like Yodlee.com. Initial quotes start at $500/mo for the first 1,000 users. Is that out of my present price range?

Sort of… Yes, I can. But should I?

I have two e-commerce projects underway that measure less costly. They’re starting to look quite favorable.