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I’ve started using Udimi and it has helped, a lot. It’s a bit of a shortcut in advertising. This is how user-friendly the site is:

  1. Find a solo ad provider
  2. Give him the link you want to promote

A solo ad is an email promotion. So, a solo ad provider, or seller, is an email marketer. But you’re not paying per email; clearly, because that would be too easy to screw you over with, by just blasting out junk.

You’re paying for high quality clicks to the link you want to promote. You also don’t have to write the email (ad copy) yourself if you don’t want to. You may simply send the link and leave the ad copy to the seller. The better sellers have higher success rates.

You can filter the sellers by how successful they are. The Udimi platform also has a built-in tracking system to allow you to follow along with your seller’s progress.

If you choose a good product to promote, it’ll convert well. I added a link to the sidebar as well as here: (my affiliate link).

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