Book Review · Think and Grow Rich for Inventors

Reading another excellent book.

I read this for my daughter, Martial, 16, who recently “invented” a new type of creative apparel. I prefer the term “developed,” as in product development. For me, writing is to publishing what inventing is to product development. The latter term points at demand – something that would commercially succeed.

Recommend. 240 pages. The book reads in line with the original “Think and Grow Rich,” by N. Hill, but shorter and intended to reach an audience of inventors. Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank” wrote the praise. The author, John Rizvi, Esq., works as a patent attorney.


Although John does work in patents, the book doesn’t jump into questions of intellectual property. He aims more specifically at an audience with a product idea, but who feels intimidated by the process of bringing it to market. He intends an audience standing at the edge of deciding whether to pursue product development or abandon it.


John shares a part in the book about how an organized plan looks. If a new developer has already decided to bring the project to market, he’ll need to plan that out. It helps to get an idea of what makes a good plan.