Book Review · Miracle Morning Millionaires

Reading another outstanding book
Reading another outstanding book.

The miracle evening precedes the miracle morning, which was a great tip I found in this book.

If you’ve read “The Miracle Morning” (2012) by Hal Elrod, you’ll probably finish this book in one sitting. I find specific development much more useful than general development. This book adopts much of the same as the original but focuses on the morning habits of millionaires.

The millionaires on which the book models after consist of entrepreneurs and active investors instead of “slow-lane” wealth builders. Like the original, Hal Elrod and David Osborn introduce SAVERS – silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing. Unlike the original, the reader will find an application of SAVERS onto popular themes common in the genres of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Such as knowing what to do vs. doing what one knows. In chapter 4, the authors present a thought experiment of a game show in which the contestant must pick between two doors, one of which leads to a million dollars. Additionally, the show host identifies the door. The experiment suggests that you already know what to do. Use your morning to do it.

In chapter 12, focus. In particular, eliminate non-goal-activities, automate, and delegate. This theme comes up often in scaling or how to 10X one’s efforts. Focus on your strengths, and automate and delegate your lower-value work. And, you can use the morning for that.