My Niche · Ten Influencers in the V2V Space

A birthday party this month (Jan. 2022) for a friend and fellow veteran

I’ve been doing some soul-searching and re-discovered my niche. I call it the V2V space, for “veteran to veteran”; specifically, V2V in entrepreneurship, finance, investing, and wealth-building. I signed up for the Military Money Convention (or MilMoneyCon) in Cary, NC, April 21-23, 2022.

There are about 20M veterans or currently-serving military members in the US. It’s not a small market; it’s specific enough and one in which I have 20 years of experience and expertise. As for the influencers within the space, it’s a small audience. Maybe I can connect us. Here’s a beginning list:

  1. Carey, Rich ·
  2. Coleman, Hank ·
  3. Kelly, Timothy · Amazon author ·
  4. Langsford, Lacey · podcaster ·
  5. Pere, David · Amazon author ·
  6. Phillips, Adrianne ·
  7. Reese, Spencer C. · Amazon author ·
  8. Sage, Julian ·
  9. Sich, Markian, et al. · Amazon author · (ADPI)
  10. Stough, Anthony ·

It’s a running list. There’re many more, especially here in the Ft. Bragg area with Five Pillars Realty and its team, including Shelby Osborne and Michael Glaspie. I interviewed Shelby for my book, and Michael is also an Amazon author. And, of course, the ADPI team. Markian and Timothy (“Tim”) (above) are part of a larger team at ADPI, which includes Adam La Barr, Eric Upchurch, and Michael Foster.

Without a doubt, I’m missing some important names here. So, please tip me off and mention other influencers in the entrepreneurship V2V space in the comments.

Also, if you’re starting in the entrepreneurship V2V space, look at what I just gave you – a list of websites you can analyze for keywords and audience insights.