Side Hustling for Working Adults (Jul. 2020)

I finished drafting this book in Oct. 2019 and finally published it in Jul. 2020. I made 47 revisions, and I plan on making more – just no time soon. The book temporarily reached bestseller status in eight small categories on Amazon. It didn’t stay there long, but hey, I’ll take it!

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For having served, one can stack benefits into financial freedom. The average household consumes $5K/month (Motley Fool, Feb. 2022). So, given an average home, one achieves financial freedom if one stacks his passive income above that.

The most common passive sources for having served include the military pension, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and VA disability compensation (VADC). If successful, just two may combine to over $5K/month.

There exist further benefits per state. See both the map and the matrix mentioned below. Additional benefits trigger upon increasing VADC ratings. For example, in Texas, a veteran with a 100% VADC rating may own a home exempt from property tax and send his children to college tuition-free.

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Here’s a growing list of veteran-to-veteran (V2V) resources in business, career advancement, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, and real estate.

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