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Starting Life Over at 40

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’m not sure why I stopped. I enjoyed writing book reviews, but then, I threw too many hurdles in my way.

So much in 2021. I turned 40, and finally retired from the military. It wasn’t what I hoped it’d be. No, not even close; in terms of both what my pension and disability compensation would look like, and what I’d be doing after I retired.

I’m starting a video blog at my YouTube channel. Click the YouTube link on this site. I have a few other upgrades to this website, but not many. I’ve got to attach an autoresponder, and that’s about it.

My goal is to keep this simple. Share content on life after the military, books, and business.

The photo in here is of my friend Nicole’s birthday. We’ve been friends for three years now, and I still don’t know her age.